No matter the make and model of press!




Universal System

Standardize the process across the platform. Rutherford systems support the major makes and models of presses. Go for higher marketability and efficiency. Substantially reduce the number of costly do-overs. Get new customers and keep them.

Meet your clients’ color expectations on every press, in every plant, everywhere in the world - G7, PSO etc.


Koenig & Bauer









Rutherford vs. the Competition

Fast and easy installation with minimal downtime. Often can be done while the press is running jobs and during makereadies. Interruption to production is minimal.

Each ink key learns and has its own unique curve for each substrate. Example: a 6-color press with 34 keys and 4 substrates in its repertoire would have 544 auto-learned curves (6 units x 34 keys x 4 substrates)

Remote installation / Remote training / Remote support

Stabilize and standardize colors across the platform regardless of the make and model of press, match color from the press

Manage white under-print on metallic foil (Metpol) and other substrates

Optimize light colors - Set density targets and action and control limits to 3 decimal places. Measured densities are displayed with 3 decimal places. 

ROLLBACK feature: Key-openings and sweep settings can be rolled back to the settings associated with any previous scan. A time saver and great when customers are present for job approvals. 

PREVIEW KEY MOVES feature: A key-opening bar-graph is displayed immediately after each scan, along with what the new key openings will be if the operator selects «YES » for automatic key-move action. 

RG-MULTI-VIEW option: Displays multiple applications simultaneously on an auxiliary large-format screen, typically 4 panels in a 2 x 2 format, all controlled from the system touchscreen. The current screens of all system applications can be viewed at a glance . This feature is a great complement to the preview key-move screen described above

Job done

Coverage (%): ink key coverage by ink key 

Key Opening (%)





Rutherford's closed-loop adaptive incremental key-correction algorithm is applied to each ink-key. The closed-loop software adapts if there is overshooting of density control limits. Subsequent scans are kept within the assigned control limits.

The presetting algorithm with its learned curves (based on individual key and substrate) makes for excellent presetting. When sheets are scanned, the adaptive incremental closed-loop algorithm comes into play, further reducing waste and getting to color quickly  and efficiently.

Measure Device

IntelliTrax2 Pro

Ultra-Fast Automated Press-Side Color Control

To remain competitive, printers and packaging converters must focus on reducing make-ready time and waste, and minimizing errors and rework. Managing color by eye and/or depending on ink density measurements will not deliver against these requirements. Introducing IntelliTrax2 into the press-side quality control process, printers and packaging converters can assure optimum color quality, fast make-ready, and reduced waste.


Reports results on screen instantly so press operators can quickly make adjustments, even before color drift is visible to the human eye.

Measures process colors, spot colors, PANTONE® colors, paper color, tone value increase, gray balance, and ink density in less than 10 seconds.

Ensures non-contact with your substrate. 

Supports the majority of global graphic arts standards, including M1 to accommodate optical brighteners, M3 for measuring wet ink and full support for GRACoL, SWOP 2013, PSO, and FOGRA 51 and 52.

Directly accesses the PantoneLIVE database for accurate spectral target values for corporate and other spot colors and can exchange job data with ColorCert.

One Instrument, Ultimate Flexibility.

Cut your make ready time by more than 30%.

With a push of a button, the eXact Auto-Scan minimizes human error when scanning to maximize speed, reduce rework, and deliver a finished product that meets your customers tight tolerances. 


Improve Color Quality

Enhances spot color handling with creation and management of standards and color libraries on your device. Reduces variance among your instruments and verifies and/or profiles your device anytime on site with the addition of NetProfiler software

Reduce Material Waste

Fast, press-side, fully-automated capabilities (readings under 15 seconds), results in a reduction in waste and increased profitability. Increases workflow productivity by running jobs to specific targets and standardizing your production process 

Provides immediate, comprehensive reporting of color data through Bluetooth technology, allowing you to make prompt adjustments to the press run

Expand Your Workflow

Integrates with closed loop and third-party solutions such as Rutherford Graphics or Digital Information to deliver a mid-range solution for ink key control adjustments

Incorporates into your current workflow

eXact Auto-Scan Pro

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Setting the Standard for Color Measurement

Specifically designed for printers and packaging converters, the eXact Standard is the market leading spectrophotometer to validate the color of CMYK and spot color inks. It leverages job-based tools with industry color standards to increase press process control and connects with PantoneLIVE and NetProfiler to maximize color accuracy within the workflow.

Streamline Jobs on Press with Print Standard Support

The eXact Standard doesn't just provide density metrics and colorimetric value functions, it also supports all industry print standards: G7, ISO, PSO, and Japan Color. Plus, the BestMatch feature offers guidance to help you achieve a closer match to a specific color standard by adjusting ink on press.

Best in Spot Color Support

The eXact Standard offers the ability to create and manage standards and color libraries directly from the device for enhanced spot color handling. It also delivers direct and seamless access to the latest Pantone libraries and PantoneLIVE standards with an optional license.