Case Study


Please describe your company

Being in the field of Printing for over 30 years. We began as an organization that would make printing blocks and a couple of years down the line developed into an off-set unit. We've generally been eager to attempt new technologies and innovations, most likely the explanation why we are amongst the first in North India to get a Thermal CTP, move to Green plates, or even switch to LED U.V.

What are the processes standards do you follow?

We work on a couple of standards, depending upon what the client prerequisites. So far we consistently work using GMI, ISO-12647, and G7 standards

What kind of jobs are typical of your work daily? And what are your focus segments of work or jobs presently and in the future? 

We have a healthy mix of jobs under our portfolio, we began the business s a commercial unit, and with time diversified and broadened our portfolio to include packaging and high-end rigid boxes.

Explain a little bit more about the Quality systems that you have put in place and how did the addition of the Closed-Loop system help?

65% of our jobs are short runs and even with the right curves, plates, and substrates, we realized our starting point wasn't always the sheet we desired and on many occasion with short runs of 1000 / 1500 impression, our make ready wastage was almost as high as half the run quantity. Making it difficult for us to achieve G7 or ISO standard and profitability for the majority of our jobs. But with Rutherford’s Easy Set and the optimized preset curve, on most jobs, we achieve our targets in the first pull within the first hundred impressions. This investment has greatly reduced our make-ready time, makeready impressions, and improved our profitability.

What are the main points that made you consider the Pre-set system for your Press from Rutherford through Bodhi Professional solutions? 

We practically evaluated almost all ink-preset systems available in the Indian Market, but the ability of the Rutherford system to create preset curves for every ink zone of every unit was unique, impressed us. The other fact that the system has auto-learning and optimization of the preset curve, the most user-friendly interface we came across is probably the reason why our Production team was confident enough to implement this with just a few hours of training.

Can you mention 3 main benefits from the Rutherford close-loop solutions that have brought into your process and production system? 

  • The optimized preset is so good that our first pull is visually ok and sellable sheet.    
  • We can achieve our target scores even on short runs.
  • With the auto-learning and optimization of the curves, we can save our repeat jobs and do not have to worry about variation and consistency among the reruns.

How was your experience in the installation and training of this product solution? 

Some apprehensions were because the company did not have an office or technical staff in Delhi and to be honest, we haven't confronted any issue, be it installation / Training or even after-sales support.

How was the learning curve of your team and how are they using this now? 

The team was quick to pick up the process, partially owing to the user-friendly interface and the training provided. Our staff was able to set up jobs independently from day one.

Did the Rutherford close loop system reduce the wastage and minimize the press make-ready time as expected? Can you share the reduction percentage and time saved? 

We were able to reduce the make-ready time and make a ready impression.

How long have you now used this Rutherford close loop system in production now? And are you now seeing the benefits of this solution in your press presently? 

We’ve had the Rutherford system for more than 8 months now, during which period we had another Rutherford installation added to the next machine (SM-102). The decision to get another one was simple and straightforward, the previous one functioned admirably. It simplified things for us all. 

What was the major effect in your quality process once this system was in place? 

At present we have the confidence that even with short runs we can achieve the quality targets our clients ask for, be it GMI, ISO 12647, or G7. We are sure that there won’t be a drastic color variation in our repeat runs, definitely not something that can’t be fixed in the first 100-200 impression.

Please share your experience with Bodhi as a company in installation and support - pre and post-installation

It’s been excellent. Bodhi engineers knew what needed to be done and how it should be done. The whole process was seamless and there weren’t any last-minute surprises in store. 

Anything else you would like to add or convey with Bodhi Professional Solutions?

It’s been a pleasure working with Bodhi and Rutherford and hopes all you guys stay safe, healthy, and happy in these tough times.


Thanks to Bodhi, our best partner in India.