Demo unit

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IntelliPack + IntelliPress2


I.Demo unit

Press Interface B

Press Interface C

Press Interface A

Press Interface E

Komori PQC4 with or without KMS, PQC-S3, PQC-S4

Heidelberg CP2000

KBA from late 

1990s to mid 2000s

KBA from mid 

2000s to latest models

Man Roland from early 2000s to latest models, system 90

Man Roland Cromoman

  • Mitsubishi sheetfed from 2000s to latest models. 
  • Komori PQC1 with KMS, KHS
  • Ryobi’s latest models
  • Shinohara’s latest models
  • Sakurai’s latest models

If you wish, you can replace a PUPI by other available PUPI, for example, you can replace the PUPI C by a PUPI for Heidelberg XL1 or XL2 or CPC 1-04.

Note that you must always do the console validation to check the capability to connect

Console Validation


Touch Screen 

All-in-One Computer

Intuitive interface for the press operator & easy installation. Ergonomic layout, Touch screen computer 

21.5" narrow bezel Full HD (1920 x 1080)  Wide-angle viewing, Anti-glare, multi-touch screen. 1080p HD camera

Core i5 10400 / 2.9 GHz

RAM 8 Go, SSD 256 Go 

TCG Opal Encryption, NVMe 

UHD Graphics 630

Bluetooth 5.0 

Windows 10 Pro 64


What’s in the box?

Programmable Unified Press Interface

Designed and produced

by Rutherford, located in Dayton, Ohio USA

Rutherford PUPI proprietary interface couples the system all-in-one computer/touchscreen to the press console for reading and controlling ink-key openings, and for control of presetting and closed-looping; firmware based and can be supported remotely